(生命之車) - 系列名牌保健品 

New Century Company is also a wholesaler for a series of excellent dietary supplement products - under the band of "BIOCOUPE" after years of its successful development, the ingredients and formulations used in the United States have done many clinical trials, proven to be effective and they are all FDA Certified, CGMP compliant to the highest specification, manufactured by FDA licensed factory, and has been sold in the United States for a while.

美國新世紀科技公司亦生產一系列名牌保健品 -  BIOCOUPE (生命之車), 它經多年研製成功, 所用的成份与配方都在美國有許多臨床实驗, 証明効果昭彰, 並经美國FDA認証, 合乎最高規格药品的CGMP之標準, 在擁有FDA執照的工厂中生產, 已在美銷售多年. 

This series of brand-name dietary supplement products are combined with the most effective herbal medicine from the East and the West and the use of the latest extraction and nano-technology to achieve the highest absorption in our body.

這一系列名牌保健品都是結合東西方最有効的精華草药提鍊抽取而耒, 且利用最新的微米技術所發展出耒的新產品. 在人体吸收上達別最高効果.

The following is a detailed explanation of these products: 


(1) BIOCOUPE - Bright Eye 
     Brighten eyes, maintain eye health, help eyesight, keep eyes healthy, prevent vision loss glaucoma, cataracts, etc.

(1)  BIOCOUPE –  (明目仙) 

      使眼睛变得更明亮,維護眼睛健康, 帮助视力,眼睛健康, 同時預防视力衰退, 青光哏, 白內障等

(2) BIOCOUPE - Menopause 
      Women traditionally use estrogen to balance their body after menopause, but recent research shows that taking estrogen can cause cancer, so in the United States, except in special cases, doctors no longer prescribe estrogen to patient, so women have to look for herbal remedy. This product is designed to be an excellent substitute for estrogen. It is a pure natural material with no additives and no side effects. It can balance mental health, improve female sexuality and pleasure, overcome fatigue and enhance energy and physical strength.

(2)    BIOCOUPE – (绝经靈) 
       在绝经期之后传统上女性會服用女性荷尔蒙來平衡身体,但是最新研究報告顯示服用女性荷尔蒙可以导致癌症,所  在美国,除了特别的案例, 医生不再處方女性荷尔蒙,因此女性必须尋找它的草药代替品,此产品正是设计為一种极的替代品, 它是純天然材料,不含添加劑, 無副作用, 它可以平衡心理健康, 增進女性性趣与快感, 克服疲勞, 增强体力与能力。


(3) BIOCOUPE - Prostate
      "Prostate" - to improve the health of the prostate, this recipe combines the wisdom of the Native Americans and Chinese herbal medicine to reduce the pain of the prostate, the effect is unique, to improve the symptoms of prostate enlargement, frequent urination, and nocturnal enuresis.

(3)    BIOCOUPE  - (攝護通)
         “前列腺” -  改善攝護腺健康, 它结合美国印地安人的草药智慧与 中药中減轻前列腺疼痛的良方所配成, 効果奇特, 改善前列腺腫大, 尿頻, 尿遺等

 (4) BIOCOUPE -  Cardio
      This product is designed to provide the necessary micronutrients for the heart, to promote  heart health, improve mental retardation, chest tightness and shortness of breath, heart palpitations, angina, improve headaches, prevent stroke, improve memory, prevent dementia

(4)  BIOCOUPE -  (心臟宝) 
       此产品是设计提供心臟需要的微量营养素,以促进心健康, 改善精力不济, 胸悶氣短,  心慌心悸, 心絞痛, 改善頭痛, 預防腦中夙, 提高記憶力, 預防老年痴呆

(5) BIOCOUPE - Energy
      It can be said that it is a long-term "Viagra" that can enhance the sexuality and pleasure of both men and women, overcome fatigue, and enhance physical strength and energy.

(5)   BIOCOUPE - (激能素) 
      提高男女两方的活力及能量,可以说它是一长期的“偉哥” 它可以增進男性与女性趣与快感, 克服疲勞, 增强体力与精力

(6) BIOCOUPE - Circulation
     This product is designed to promote better blood circulation, improve cardiovascular function, reduce blood viscosity, lower levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure.

(6)  BIOCOUPE - (血循精) 
      此产品设计促进更好的血液循環流通,改善心血管的功能, 調降血液粘度, 胆固醇, 血糖, 血脂与血壓

(7) BIOCOUPE - Slim
     This product is designed to restrain appetite while maintaining good health, eliminate fat cells and make people naturally become slim without losing nutrition. The greatest benefit is that once you are slim, your body will not gain weight any longer.

(7)  BIOCOUPE - Slim - (纖体因子)
       此产品设计在保持健康情况下抑制胃口, 消除脂肪細胞, 讓人自然而然地变得苗条的,  而不會流失營養, 最大的好處是一旦瘦下耒, 只要保持服用, 身体就不會再發胖。

(8) BIOCOUPE - Diabetes 
      Help our sugar balance, to maintain normal sugar levels in the steady flow of blood, is the gospel of diabetic patients

(8)   BIOCOUPE - (糖尿清) 
      帮助我们的糖平衡,在血液川流不息中维持正常的糖水平, 是糖尿病患者的福音

(9) BIOCOUPE - Liver
      Maintain liver health, detoxify the liver, eliminate the symptoms resulting from long-term stay up late, dry mouth caused by excessive alcohol and tobacco, liver discomfort, dark face, vision loss, loss of libido, irritability, etc.

(9)  BIOCOUPE - (保肝靈) 
      維護肝脏健康, 帮肝脏排毒, 消除長期熬夜, 菸酒過度帶來的口乾舌苦, 肝區不适, 面色喑, 視力減退, 性慾下降, 煩躁易念等

(10) BIOCOUPE - Sleep Aid
        It's a natural treatment for insomnia, using natural herbs to manage our body, smooth out emotions, restore natural sleep, increase the depth of sleep, make you sober after wake-up, clear-headed, energetic, without side effects

(10)   BIOCOUPE – (睡援素) 
         是一种自然失眠疗法, 用天然草药調理身体, 平復情緒, 恢復自然睡眠, 增加睡眠深度, 使你醒后頭腦清醒,精力充沛,無副作用
(11)  BIOCOUPE -Bone collagen
        It supplies the components of the tendons, the skin and other proteins in our joints, compensate our loss due to aging,  eliminate joint pain, stiffness, weakness. It also  slow down osteoporosis, improve leg cramps, nourish hair, nails and skin

(11)    BIOCOUPE - (骨膠原)  
           它供应我们关节的肌腱与角貭, 皮膚等蛋白的組成材料,補充我们由于老化的损失, 消除關節疼痛, 僵硬, 無力感, 延緩骨貭疏鬆, 改善腿部抽筋, 營養頭髮, 指甲与皮膚

(12)  BIOCOUPE -Male
        Using Chinese and Western natural essence to enhance male libido, promote sexual function, prolong the time and increase the frequency.

(12)   BIOCOUPE - (威男) 
         採用中西天然精華成份增强男性性慾, 促進性功能, 延長時间, 增加次數

(13) BIOCOUPE - Beauty 
        Using the latest French super anti-oxidation tablets, to maintain the beautiful fair skin, eliminate acne, dark spots, pigmentation, rough skin, enlarged pores, unsightly looking face, and lose weight.

(13)   BIOCOUPE - (養顏宝) 
          採用法国最新的一种超級抗氧片素, 維護皮膚白潤美麗, 消除青春豆, 暗瘡, 色斑, 膚粗糙, 毛孔放大, 面色無華, 美容減肥

(14) BIOCOUPE - Youth 
        With the essence of anti-aging nutrients, enable people to keep a long-term youth look, and to maintain the beautiful appearance.

(14)  BIOCOUPE - (青春因子) 
        含抗老化營養素之精華, 讓人長保青春, 保持觧麗容顏, 返老這童