Introduction to David Hsu

Mr. David Hsu is currently the president of New Century Co. He was born in Nanking, China. Grown up in Taiwan, Mr. Hsu came to America in 1973 to study and work. With more than 35 years working experience in the industry and FDA, he is an expert in the areas of food / health food / drug / medical devices / cosmetic products in both technical field and FDA / USDA regulations. Mr. Hsu has also been lecturing in China and Taiwan from the invitations of China’s and Taiwan’s top Science, technology and trade authorities. He is also writing many articles on “Chinese Medical Report”.


Lifetime President, and founder of American Asian Nutrition and health Association, (2009 to present)
ANAHA is a prominent Asian trade association in America in the area of drug, dietary supplement, cosmetic product, and medical devices with members consists mainly of distributors and manufacturers. Our main interests are in US FDA / USDA / state regulations, technology issues, business cooperation, etc.


1971 - Graduated from Department of Chemistry, Chung-Yuan University, Chungli, Taiwan with B. S. degree 
1977 - Graduated from Department of Food Science & technology from University of Delaware, Newark, DE in 1977 with Master of Science degree) 
1984 – Obtained MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va


1978 - Mearl Corp. (cosmetic ingredients) – Chemical engineer.
1980 – Philip Morris (tobacco, food, beverages, etc.) – Senior Chemist / microbiologist.
1986 – Wrigley Inc. (confectionery products) – Senior Chemist. 
1989 – Monsanto Chemical Co. (biochemical products, devices) – Quality Control manager
1991 - Presto Food/Suiza Inc. (food products) – Product manager
1995 – Pfizer Inc. (biochemical products, medicines, etc.) – Senior Scientist / engineer
1999 – FDA – Senior Consumer safety officer
Present – President of New Century Co.

Recent patents and publications

1) Antler composition and its manufacturing process - U. S. patent No. 7,005144
2) Bioabsorbable hemostatic gauze - U. S. patent publication no: 2007 / 056066 A2
3) Composition and method for making deer antler wine – provisional patent, 2011 
4) A Method for Making and Using a Treatment for Symptoms of Prostate Conditions–provisional patent, 2011
5) A Method for Making and Using a Treatment for Female Vagina Disorders –provisional patent, 2011
6) Special fermented yogurt with exceptional superior nutrition supplementation – Provisional patent 2012
7) The new process and formula of un-denatured whey protein concentrate in the reaction of enhanced immunity
8) The process and formula in the drugs of polymer complex
9) The application of a new spraying method and device in administering Chinese herbal medicines for fast body absorption
10) The implication of using warning label on Chinese herbal medicine products
11) Introduction to FDA’s approval process on medical device    510K
12) Quality system for medical device industry.
13) Introduction to Drug GMP
14) The FDA’s New Regulation, Bioterrorist Act, that changes the world of food and dietary supplement
15) The use of micro-encapsulation in non-nutritive sweeteners
16) The physical parameters of stabilizing whipped cream
17) The introduction of California Food and Drug Branch (FDB) 
18) How to prevent adulteration of herbal medicine and problems with filth and contamination
19) The recent nightmare brought to the importers by FDA